Monday, January 7, 2013

Karen Devine, Licensed Massage Therapist and Self-Appointed Know-It-All About All Things Bathing

I have mixed feelings as I write my first entry in this blog.  It seems everyone has a blog now - waxing poetic on subjects, hoping people will notice and enjoy, and maybe even comment(!).  I was a bit reluctant to join the tribe.

My reasons for finally giving in are two-fold.  Mainly, I needed a website to reach massage clients, and this seemed an easier route than setting up a real website.*  But also, for many years I've had a burgeoning love of all things bathing - hot springs, saunas, steam rooms, indoor pools of hot water, cold pools of water, birch branches, massages, scrubbing layers of skin off - and I feel I do have a bit of knowledge to offer to those who might be looking to experience these activities. 

So, when procrastination doesn't get the best of me, I'll post reviews of spas here in the New York City area, and also of places around the world - ones I've visited in the past and ones I hope to reach in the future.

But I will stop here for today, because before I start massaging away others' aches and pains, I must attend to my own tricky SI (sacroilliac) joint and hop into my home "bathing" device - my new infrared sauna.  Infrared saunas are a bit new on the scene and although I think it will never be my FAVORITE type of sauna, having one in my massage studio has been great so far.  Until I can build a real Russian sauna, or an outdoor Japanese bathing garden, my little infrared sauna is making me feel pretty great.

There was not a lot of unbiased information online when I was researching the purchase of said infrared sauna.  Only ridiculous claims from manufacturers - no, I don't believe you burn 600 calories in 30 mins, nor do I believe that the "chromotherapy" light is effective.  But I do know the heat makes my muscles feel great, and I love the blue lighting!  So my next post will be:  everything you've always wanted to know about infrared saunas, or if you've never heard of an infrared sauna, here's what it is, and furthermore, you should really schedule a massage with me and then you can use the infrared sauna before and after your treatments and see first-hand how great is is.
*(Especially easy for me since my partner designed and set up the the blog for me.  Thank you, Sergio.)